About Us

Hey everyone, I'm so glad to have you here. I am a stay at home mom of two boys, who are 2 and 3 months old. My sewing journey began almost two years ago when I wanted to make my son a blanket for his first birthday. I did it the hard way with a needle and thread and boy was that a lot of work. That's when my mother in law bought me a sewing machine for Christmas. I was intimidated because I had never sewn before in my life. I started with blankets and quickly became fond of sewing clothes for my son. I realized that I had stopped buying clothes at stores and if he needed something I would just quickly whip something up. I noticed that I preferred the fit of my homemade clothes on him over the store bought clothing. Not only that, but I liked that I could make his clothes out of organic fabric that was free of harsh chemicals and my simple style. Now I have two boys and a nephew that I sew for constantly and absolutely love it. 

I also think of my grandma, who sewed all my moms, aunts and uncles clothing when they were little. I feel a connection with her because I feel like I am following in her footsteps a little bit. I never got the chance to meet her but I feel like I am making her proud. I hope you truly enjoy all I have to offer you. I am going to constantly work to get better and better and I hope you can stay for it!